The Original Nubian Queens

The Greco-Roman term for an African queen or "royal woman" is Kandake, kadake or kentake, often Latinised as Candace. Contemporary Greek and Roman sources treat it as a title. Several ruling queens of the ancient Kingdom of Kush, with its capital at Meroë, bore the title, although it may have been a general title for women of... Continue Reading →

What does Nubia mean?

Often used in the western world to symbolize African people or an African source of products, the word Nubia is not always fully understood, even in some parts of Africa. Nubia is the southern region of Egypt, noted historically as one of the earliest civilisations dating back to 2000 B.C. It is the home of... Continue Reading →

Top 7 Digital Careers in Africa

It is estimated that for a child in kindergarten today, 65% of the jobs they will apply for do not exist yet. Times are changing quickly and mostly through fields of technology and innovation. Think of where you were ten years ago, that's in 2007. If someone told you then, there would be a friendship... Continue Reading →

5 Ways for Africans to Make Money Online

Yes there are many scams going around about FOREX trading and working from home businesses. As a rule, when something sounds to good to be true... well it most likely is. Always do Google searches on any job that may sound interesting to you. Often these online scam ads have websites developed where they have... Continue Reading →

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