The Original Nubian Queens

The Greco-Roman term for an African queen or "royal woman" is Kandake, kadake or kentake, often Latinised as Candace. Contemporary Greek and Roman sources treat it as a title. Several ruling queens of the ancient Kingdom of Kush, with its capital at Meroë, bore the title, although it may have been a general title for women of…Read more The Original Nubian Queens

The domain of Africa

Newly released on the internet shelf is the .africa domain. Meaning that companies can now register as,africa. The first phase launched in mid 2017. From the website, domains are now available for purchase to anyone in the world. The .africa top level domain has been in the making for several years and aims…Read more The domain of Africa

Bitcoin – Can you buy anything with it in Africa?

Try telling your African parents that you are buying a web developer's code to trade in cryptocurrency (english: not real money) where the profits can be used at selected online stores. Yes, the same parents who still call you downstairs to pass them the remote or make them some tea. After they have summoned your…Read more Bitcoin – Can you buy anything with it in Africa?