5 Ways for Africans to Make Money Online

Yes there are many scams going around about FOREX trading and working from home businesses. As a rule, when something sounds to good to be true… well it most likely is. Always do Google searches on any job that may sound interesting to you. Often these online scam ads have websites developed where they have fake accounts giving them really good reviews. Do some extra checking of your own before you sign up for any online contracts.

If you use your smarts, you can actually find really good revenue streams through online channels. However, just like making money offline, it is not easy. You’ll make many mistakes, you might lose some money investing in things you don’t really need and you aren’t guaranteed success. But also like the offline … cough “real world”… draw up a plan, work through the challenges and you might surprise yourself with a new digital career path.

For the following online ventures, you do not need high levels of coding or even digital marketing experience. And as with any skill, the more you practice, the better you should become. Decide what it is that you can offer remotely either through a product or a service, develop a strong brand offering for your clients, stay consistent and you are bound to bring in some online revenue. The basic tools you will need is a desktop or laptop, internet access and good knowledge of how to use the internet as well as good language skills for the market you are targeting.

Here are five ways you can make money online

  1. Online Store

If you have a product that you could sell online, you are in luck. There are several online channels you can use to market and sell your product. You will have to take care of the production and logistics in your own capacity (or outsource it), but the sales stream online could bring you profitable results. Here are a few reviewed channels to consider

Selz (worldwide)

This is a great if you have electronic products to sell such as e-books, online blog or podcast. You are provided with a platform to develop an online store, market your product, test pricing and reach a worldwide audience.

Gumtree (South Africa)

South Africa’s biggest online classifieds site, you can sell any product – new or second hand – and at your own terms. If you have a website to link to your product, for a small nominal fee you can market the product to your website. What’s great is that you can arrange to only sell in your area if you are not prepared to pay national delivery charges.

Jumia (Nigeria)

Naija’s e-bay, this online market place provides a good portal to sell your product into a Nigerian market. Also a good platform for looking at competitor products in the region to see what price and offering they are selling at.

2. Professional services remotely

Legal or finance professional looking to work from home? You can set up a remote assistance space through freelance portal such Freelancer.com. Traditionally used by web developers and graphic designers, the portal is now also popular and open to all service providers for work that can be done remotely for companies all over the world. Try the site’s free trial to set up your profile and list your skills set for online work. You’ll also get to see then how much people are willing to pay for your skills and the volume of work available for your skill set online.

3. Writing Content

Always dreamed about becoming a big shot writer? Well mark my words (haha), it can be possible through platforms such as UpWork. Also a freelancer platform where much of the requirement is for writing content. The range of writing is vast from fictional, sports, e-commerce, health and technical content required. Use your current know-how in a field you are well read in and build a profile marketing your writing skills to clients. You call your rates on the platform, generally freelancers start out at 7 USD per hour, you can build up to 20-40 USD per hour based on your expertise.


4. Virtual Assistance

Great with admin and looking to shift some papers for a basic salary – consider HelloJudeApp. A South African virtual PA portal where you can work as a remote PA. Great for mothers looking to work from home for a basic salary. Currently only available in South Africa

5. Site Testing

Every website for a commercial company typically goes through a crowd-testing, meaning users all over the world or in the market reach area of the company who owns the site, test the site for usability and bugs. You too can be one of these testers, you get paid about 5 USD per test which you complete and you can work up to 20 USD when you reach pro level. It’s free to sign up at Test birds and it can provide a healthy passive income stream since you typically have 48 hours to complete a test and you don’t have to sign up for every test assigned to you.

If there are any other portals you know of, do share with us. Else if you need more information about making legit money online, feel free to contact us on info@nubianetwork.com or DM through the Facebook page NubiaNetwork


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