Digital Workshops for Africa

Being an entrepreneur or working professional in Africa has it challenges. Luckily, the digital platform allows us to find innovative and groundbreaking ways to overcome these barriers.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or upcoming entrepreneur – you can use the digital world to:

  • Find high value customers
  • Increase your sales
  • Tap into or test new markets

And guess what… it doesn’t have to be complicated!

We’ve developed digital workshops to show you how get the best value for your brand while being online. The workshops will take place live in Johannesburg. If you are not in town, no worries… we have a full video and guidebook available to show you all the steps and tips given in the live workshop.

Watch this ten minute preview of the Construction Industry Digital Workshop


Here are the event and guidebook details

Digital Workshops in Johannesburg

African Entrepreneurs Digital Workshop, 7 March

With focus on:

  • Reaching your target audience effectively
  • Key tips to monetizing off social media
  • Maintaining your brand identity online

The Live Workshop takes place in Johannesburg on 7 March

Early Bird tickets end 28 February, Limited seats available


African Architects and Construction Industry Digital Workshop, 9 March

With focus on:

  • Using High Resolution and 3D Graphics without slowing down your site
  • Mobile optimisation and why it is important in Africa
  • Reaching high value clients and converting to sales

The Live Workshop takes place in Johannesburg on 9 March

Early Bird tickets end 1 March, Limited seats available

African Digital Workshop E-Book and Full Video

Full videos of the workshop material and a step by step guidebooks are available for order

Workshop Video and Guidebook 


For more informaion or queries, feel free to email us on or WhatsApp +27799513514

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Candice and Chris








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